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My Favourite Podcasts

Are you a podcast fan?


I must admit – I’ve only recently started to get into podcasts.


Until now, I struggled to fit them in.


I absolutely LOVE listening to music, so this usually takes priority. Plus, I find it almost impossible to work AND concentrate on listening to a podcast at the same time.


But I’ve found it’s actually easy to fit podcasts into “dead time” – whether that’s doing housework; walking to work; sitting on a train; painting a wall…any time your mind is free to listen!


There are some fabulous free podcasts available. Of course, it’s impossible to keep up with them ALL!


Here are my favourite 3 podcasts I’ve been listening to recently:


My Favourites



Curable is an app designed to retrain your mind, particularly in relation to pain and chronic conditions. They have a really interesting podcast series about the mind-body connection. I find this area of health absolutely fascinating. Our mental state has so much impact on our physical wellbeing.



Aromaculture is a beautiful monthly magazine about aromatherapy, herbalism and holistic health. Their weekly podcast features some great conversations with experts and leading figures in these industries.



For an overall perspective on holistic health, this podcast is a must-listen. Some fascinating talks about how sleep, diet, stress and exercise affects our health, with an emphasis on mental wellbeing. This morning, I was so absorbed in a podcast I realised I’d finished cleaning the bathroom on autopilot!




There is also a good aromatherapy podcast from Liz Fulcher at the Aromatic Wisdom Institute. I believe it is no longer updated, but you can listen to the previous episodes online.


Not just aromatherapy


I always emphasise that aromatherapy is a holistic therapy – in other words, it’s about taking into account all aspects of your lifestyle and how it affects the mind and body.


I think it’s so important for people to place essential oils in a wider context of health. They are not a magic wand or a silver bullet. Consider them as one tool in your wellness toolbox. That’s why I believe it’s so valuable to have a broad knowledge of holistic health in general.


What are your favourite podcasts? I’d love to hear your suggestions.


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