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When is inhalation a better option?

When is inhaling essential oils better

Of course, essential oils can be applied to your skin but sometimes inhalation is a better, safer or more effective option.


And this is nothing to do with any theories about ‘German schools of aromatherapy’, which are falsely spread online. Some people mistakenly believe the ‘German way’ of using essential oils is purely inhalation, rather than application on the skin. But the concept of British, French and German schools of aromatherapy is a well-perpetuated myth that was used as a marketing ploy (read more about this here)


In reality, trained aromatherapists understand the benefits of inhalation AND topical use on the skin (and internal use, if appropriate). It’s about knowing which method is most suited to your needs.


Watch my latest video to find out when inhalation can be a better option:


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