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Spotlight on… Florihana

Florihana Essential Oils

Although I’m based in the UK, around 60% of my followers are from the US and Canada. Every day, I’m asked for recommendations about essential oil brands from my Stateside friends.


Choosing a reputable brand can be a minefield, so it’s no wonder that beginners can feel overwhelmed and unsure where to purchase their essential oils.


Today I’m introducing Florihana, an essential oil company from France.


About the company


The Florihana distillery is situated in the beautiful Provence region of France, also known as the ‘French Riviera’. With over 20 years’ experience in distillation, Florihana has established itself as an aromatherapy brand par excellence.


Its eco-friendly distillery can be found on the Caussols plateau, an area naturally rich in biodiversity. Florihana represents a true union with nature: harnessing its treasures whilst preserving our precious environment.


Amongst acres of stunning lavender fields, Florihana produces a wide range of organic aromatherapy products – including over 100 single essential oils, as well as hydrosols (hydrolats), absolutes, carrier oils, synergies and mother tinctures. More recently, Florihana has branched out into skin care, with a cosmetic range that includes cleansers, face creams and shower products.


You may have heard of Florihana, but did you know that you can buy products directly from their website? And if you’re based in the US, you can even get FREE FedEx delivery for orders over USD$100 on their American site – fantastic!

Florihana Essential Oils


What I Love About Florihana


As a brand, Florihana represents a wonderful juxtaposition of nature and technology. Their respect for nature and the environment is combined with a hi-tech distillery process that utilises cutting-edge technology. Florihana has developed a unique and innovative process called ‘flash détente’, which allows distillation at much lower temperatures in order to preserve the oils’ composition.


To find out more, I recommend you watch this fabulous video to take a look inside their hi-tech distillery.


Florihana offers an impressive range of essential oils, from well-known favourites (including four different types of Lavender) to rarer gems such as Golden Rod and Inula. Most of their essential oils are certified organic. With signature cyan blue lids, each essential oil comes in its own cute protective container.


I’ve tried dozens of aromatherapy brands over the past 13 years. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this: higher prices do not necessarily correlate with higher quality.


Florihana offers exceptional value for money, particularly when compared to some MLM brands. With amazingly reasonable prices, you can easily build up a collection of essential oils. What’s more, most products are available in various sizes, with absolutes starting at just 2g (approx 0.07oz). So it’s far easier to widen your collection, without shelling out a fortune for large bottles.


Florihana Organic Bio 3 Rose Face Cream


Florihana has developed a range of organic cosmetic products that are guaranteed to be free of parabens, pesticides, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and other chemical nasties. I love this 3 Roses Face Cream (see above), which feels so nourishing and luxurious on the skin.


Florihana Lavender Shower Gel


What makes Florihana different?


All Florihana bottles are labelled with a distillation date and batch number for ultimate traceability. Unique GC/MS reports for each batch can be downloaded directly from their website, offering a level of transparency that is not often matched by other brands.


On their website you’ll find a full information profile for each essential oil, with various downloadable PDF data sheets to explore their safety precautions, chemical information and therapeutic properties in greater depth.


As well as essential oils, Florihana also supplies an amazingly varied range of carrier oils and 25 different hydrolats:


Florihana Lavender Hydrosol


Would I recommend Florihana?


Sometimes it can be difficult to find just one aromatherapy company that fulfils all your needs. But, with an impressive range of essential oils, hydrosols and carrier oils, Florihana is certainly a great place to start.


My only criticism is that it would be nice to see some pre-mixed blends available, as I know these are really popular with other brands.


That said, the beauty of aromatherapy is creating your own blends from individual essential oils, and Florihana’s range is sufficiently extensive for all your blending needs.


To summarise, Florihana offers:


  • 100% pure organic oils
  • Wide product range
  • Fabulous packaging
  • Affordable prices
  • Superior quality
  • Traceability
  • GC/MS transparency


To see more, watch my video review:


So, if you’re looking for premium quality without premium prices, I would certainly recommend Florihana as a trusted aromatherapy brand – visit their European website here or check out their US website here


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18 Responses to Spotlight on… Florihana

  1. Thanks for introducing me to florihana 🙂

  2. I love everything about Florihana including their packaging. It’s easy to get to the $100 free shipping costs because they have so much! They have some oil’s that are out consistently with MLM companies (blue tansy which I think smells fabulous) and they have them for a better price (MUCH better). I had a problem with Wintergreen leaking and they totally took care of it and will include a free bottle on my next order. They’re great, I love them!

  3. Thank you so much for publishing one of your recommended essential oil companies! I did some internet searching and found a US based company that sells many of Florihana products on their website that doesn’t require a minimum $100 purchase for free shipping. And the shipping is very reasonable. I didn’t want to post/advertise unless permission is given by you as this is your personal blog/site. I already have my order placed and cannot wait to indulge in my new found essential oils. Thank you for letting the secret out.

    • Thanks for your comment, Carrie! I’m delighted that you have chosen to buy Florihana oils. I’m confident that you will love them 🙂 Have fun experimenting x

  4. Healing Cave Lady

    I ordered that same rose face cream, very light, I love the smell. I also ordered a bunch of Hydrosols. Wonderful company!

    • Thanks for your comment, Healing Cave Lady! I was watching one of your videos on YouTube earlier today! 🙂 x

  5. Nice review, and great for people in Europe.
    Its always so difficult to find things in europe, usually have to buy from the states and end up paying customs and taxes!.

    I have bought a couple of Essential oils from Florihana, but I noticed some issues, dont know if you would be able to help me out with them.

    I cant find the Laser Name on the bottle, which is making me a bit uneasy. Specially when I am comparing the smell of their essential oil with that of a local store I bouhgt from. The smell of the local store is about 10 times stronger, and when I used the Peppermint oil (from Florihana) on my hair it didnt cause the freshening effect I got when using that of the local store.
    The most shocking thing of all was when I was smelling the Eucalyptus oil which is usually very strong in smell, it almost didnt have any smell at all.

    Did I get my oils from an old batch? do the ones from the local store just have synthetic fragrance? or am I missing something?

    Thank you for your time, and sorry for the long read 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment, Adam. I’m not sure about the laser engraving, perhaps the best thing to do would be to email Florihana directly to check if they still do this?

      Regarding the smell – the smell of Peppermint does vary quite noticeably – some have more of a ‘candy cane’ smell that I believe is more popular in America. Other types of peppermint smell more herbal and grassy.

      Some cheap brands of essential oils do have synthetic ingredients added to them to make them smell stronger or to keep a consistent scent. So it’s not always a case of comparing like with like.

      Old oils can also lose their scent potency over time, so if it’s more than a couple of years old it might have lost its strength and need replacing. Hope that helps!

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  7. My first experience with Florihana was not so good.
    Ordered some essential oils, an absolute violet and two shower gel.
    The absolute violet bottle came almost empty.
    The two shower gel, neroli & petit grain and wild lavender, smelled both rancid. After complain, they answered that the batch was ok, with normal characteristic smell. In my opinion rancid is not normal for any cosmetic even if a organic one.

  8. Florihana was recommended to me, and I rushed to their website to check out their products.

    On the first go, I put around 150 EUR worth of products in my basket, but I was horrified that even with this amount of order, just the shipping would cost another 20 EURs.
    This is the highest amount of shipping cost that I have seen so far on any website. This is very discouraging.
    So, I did a little research to see how other potential or actual customers of theirs react to this outrageous shipping cost. That’s when I saw this article that on their US site they offer free shipping above $100.

    I don’t even go that far as to say that they should probably offer the same deal to their customers whom are actually closer to them geographically (within the EU), but they should try to find a courier company that could offer better deals for their customers.

    • Hi Violentien, thanks for your comment. If you tell this to Florihana directly I’m sure they will appreciate your feedback and be able to explain more. Kind regards

  9. I’ve been told that you want oils that are only distilled once. Are Florihana essential oils distilled once? Thoughts on distillation?

    • There are lots of myths online about some brands being redistilled etc. In reality, most essential oils are only distilled once. The confusion is because some rectified essential oils have gone through a second process of distillation in order to remove certain unwanted chemical components (particularly for the food industry).

      Robert Tisserand has explained this better than I can here:

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