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Why I Don’t Use MLM Brands

Why I don't use MLM brand essential oils

What is the best essential oil brand? It’s a question guaranteed to spark fiery debate among aromatherapy fans.


If you’re a regular user of social media, you’ll be familiar with two big brands of essential oils (who shall remain nameless!). These are known as MLM (“Multi Level Marketing” ) brands — a type of network selling, which involves recruiting independent distributors to sell essential oils.


MLM essential oils are extremely popular — but, as a qualified aromatherapist, I choose NOT to use them. Find out why in this video:



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17 Responses to Why I Don’t Use MLM Brands

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  2. Amen, Sister!

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  9. I really wants to share this! I’m an Independent Consultant with NYR Organic (Neal’s Yard Remedies) and while the company didn’t start as a direct sales company, I know I’ll unfortunately get some heat about my affiliation with what folks here in the states consider a MLM brand… without fully doing any research!

    • Thanks for your comment, Ashley! As far as I’m aware, NYR has never been associated with the promotion of unsafe advice, so people don’t really put them in the same category as other MLM brands. Their products are lovely, and I’m glad they are spreading over to the US! Best of luck with your business! 🙂 x

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