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What benefits do we get if we use Palo Santo?


By reading the word Palo Santo we imagine burning wood, purify our house and eliminate the bad energies that surround us.

But did you know that Palo Santo has multiple properties that we can take advantage of if we use it the right way?

Before explaining what these properties are and how to get incredible benefits when using Palo Santo, let me tell you some curious facts of this sacred tree that you surely don’t know.

The Palo Santo tree (Bursera Graveolens) also known as sacred wood for its multiple healing properties, It is a species native to South America which grows in tropical dry forests of countries such as: Ecuador, Peru, Colombia.

Usually, it located on slopes of low altitude, It has a life cycle (30 years or more). It is characterized because inside it has resin channels with a pleasant woody citrus aroma which in ancient times the shamans of the first cultures of Ecuador, they used it to purify the soul and to cure the sick.

The Palo Santo tree not only serves to be burned, currently it can be found in several ways, among them are essential oils, natural soaps, and incenses.

Use Palo Santo and making products derived from this sacred wood is a somewhat complex task because to get their properties, you should only use the Palo Santo that has died naturally and he has had a rest of two to four years in their natural environment.

In recent years the Palo Santo has gained a lot of popularity, and its use has increased.

What has caused some places not to respect the life cycle of this sacred tree, and to sell they end up using young wood, obtaining poor quality products and harmful to the environment. But there are also sites that know that the only way to enjoy long-term medicinal properties found in Palo Santo tree (Bursera Graveolens) is to work in a responsible and sustainable way.

For this reason, I recommend that before purchasing a product from Palo Santo do it through reliable sites, committed to sustainability, with reforestation projects and respect for the environment and its natural resources.

In this way, you will be helping to care for Palo Santo trees and the environment.

How to use the Palo Santo for our benefit?

First of all, you have to put aside that erroneous thought that the Palo Santo only serves to aromatize your home or to scare away mosquitoes.

This sacred tree has great properties including limonene, a medicinal terpene known to be a strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic agent. Pay attention and learn to use the Palo Santo.

If you suffer from allergies, flu or cough, using Palo Santo essential oil is a good option. You should only place 3 to 5 drops of this essential oil in an aroma diffuser and smell the pleasant aroma of woody citrus from Palo Santo.

If you don’t have an aroma diffuser, don’t worry! You can use a pot and put some water to boil when it starts to boil, you turn out the stove and will place the pot on a table, you will put 5 drops of Palo Santo oil, and then you will begin to breathe the steam. This will help you uncover the nostrils and purify your respiratory system.

If you suffer from muscle aches or body aches, you can use the essential oil Palo Santo of 33% pure. Palo Santo oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which will help relieve muscle aches, You should only place a few drops of essential oil in the area where the pain is, and gently massage.

Do you suffer constant headaches caused by stress or fatigue? You can put some essential oil on the temples, in the neck and chest area. This will cause stress levels are reduced, relieving headache and recharging your body with energy.

If you want to have hydrated skin and free of skin imperfections, you must use the natural soaps made from Palo Santo. Being made 100% of Palo Santo, you will find limonene, which will protect our skin against stains and acne.

If you want to purify your home and eliminate the bad energies around you, you just have to light some Palo Santo wood (Incense) and let the smoke spread throughout all the areas of your home. It is essential that when burning Palo Santo to purify our home there are no people since they can inhale smoke and this can be bad for our health.

Remember the Palo Santo is more than burning wood, Don’t just use Palo Santo’s incense sticks, It also uses the essential oil derived products (soaps, cosmetics, etc.).

This way you not only prevent them from cutting the trees, but you will also give your body the holistic medicinal properties (without the smoke when burning the wood), which are found naturally in the Palo Santo.

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