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Why is spelling important?

Why is spelling important - Essential oil labels

Can we talk about spelling for a moment?

Specifically, the spelling on essential oil labels.


If you’re selling products or creating content, PLEASE consider your spelling and grammar.

You might not think it’s important. Sorry, but I disagree.


What is a Latin name?


In conversation, we tend to refer to essential oils by their common name, e.g. lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, etc.


For accuracy, we should really use their Latin names (aka botanical names) to clarify which exact essential oil we’re talking about. So, Eucalyptus globulus  rather than just eucalyptus. After all, there are several types of eucalyptus available.


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Why do we need it?


Reputable essential oil brands should ALWAYS state the full botanical name on the bottle. If it just says “Eucalyptus oil” – forget it. You need to know exactly what’s in that bottle.


But it’s not just important to HAVE the botanical name on there. It needs to be spelled correctly AND in the proper format.


The naming system for plants is known as binomial nomenclature. The Latin names for essential oils should be written in a specific format, e.g. Lavandula angustifolia.


The first part is the genus, which is always capitalised. The second part is the species, which is NOT capitalised.


I have to say, I’ve come across a lot of brands that haven’t grasped this – and it puts me off! Do you actually understand  the product you’re selling?


What about spelling?


If you want to be taken seriously, PLEASE spell the Latin names correctly. It’s not difficult to look the name up on Google before you print thousands of bottle labels.


I’m not going to name and shame any brands here, but I’ve seen some cockeyed versions of Latin names that are embarrassingly awful.


When you’re assessing a brand, spelling mistakes do not inspire confidence. I struggle to recommend a brand that features spelling mistakes on their labels. For me, it’s a red flag. If you’re careless about your labels, what else are you careless about?


If you’re marketing yourself as a quality brand, you need to show professionalism. Basic spelling and grammar mistakes are not acceptable. It shows a lack of understanding and makes you appear unprofessional – is that the image you’re aiming for? To be honest, how can I trust a brand that doesn’t proofread its own labels? Personally, it makes me wonder what else  they’re cutting corners on.


What do you think? Let me know in the comments.


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