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Why do we love some smells more than others?

Why do we love some smells more than others?

Our sense of smell is highly subjective.

Some scents you’ll either love or hate.

Why do we like some smells more than others? Have you ever felt drawn to a particular essential oil?


I’ve always been drawn towards geranium essential oil (Pelargonium graveolens). There’s something about its scent that I find amazingly calming and comforting – it’s powerful, without being overpowering. It’s sweet, without being sickly. To me, it’s the scent of nature: floral and green, with earthy undertones.

However…I’m well aware that many of you absolutely HATE geranium oil and will be wrinkling your nose in disgust as you read this!


How do we perceive smells, and why do they elicit such strong reactions from us?

I’ve written more about this fascinating topic in this month’s issue of Aroma Culture magazine.


Read more in my latest article for Aroma Culture magazine

Aroma Culture Magazine April 2017 - The English Aromatherapist


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