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The Little Book of Controversy

The Little Book of Controversy

Aromatherapy: a world of calming lavender candles and relaxing massages?

Well, yes – but it’s also a world of CONTROVERSY. So many myths abound, allowing an increasing amount of dangerous “advice” to propagate online.



The Little Book of Controversy is full of juicy discussions and topics related to aromatherapy and essential oils. It’s a collection of 20 detailed articles about the most popular controversies surrounding aromatherapy in 2018 – all together in one easy place, ideal to read offline or print out and keep!



♥  Raindrop therapy

♥  The truth about vaping essential oils

♥  Essential oils and pets

♥  What to do when friends give bad advice

♥  Is it safe to ingest GRAS essential oils?

♥  Logical fallacies in aromatherapy

♥  Is aromatherapy a con?

♥  The environmental impact of essential oils

♥  Diffusing in classrooms and public spaces

♥  Where’s the scientific proof of aromatherapy?

♥  Should we cook with essential oils?

♥  Not all essential oils are equal

♥  Anti-depressants: The only solution?

♥  How to spot fake essential oils

♥  Essential oils on the feet: Yes or no?

♥  Top 10 truths about essential oils

♥  The truth about drinking essential oils

♥  Quick answers to common myths

♥  What’s the future of the aromatherapy industry?

♥  Why I don’t use essential oils all the time


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 March 23rd, 2018