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How to Blend Essential Oils

How to Blend Essential Oils (2nd Edition) - The English Aromatherapist


About The Book

Are you interested in learning about essential oils, but don’t know where to start?

Are you frustrated at the amount of confusing and contradictory advice online?

This ebook is your complete guide to blending essential oils – so you can create amazing aromatherapy blends in the comfort of your own home.

Find out the truth about how to use essential oils safely, and discover why so much aromatherapy advice on the internet is wrong!

I’ve compiled all my knowledge and experience gained over the last 13 years of working in the professional beauty and holistic therapy industry. All the information in this book has been revised and updated for 2017, including a detailed Index of Aromatherapy Information.

Keep reading to find out more about what’s inside…


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Why You Need This Book

When it comes to aromatherapy advice, the internet can be a wonderful source of information – but sometimes there is just TOO MUCH information out there, and much of it is misleading, inaccurate or downright dangerous.

Have you ever struggled to find trustworthy aromatherapy advice online? Have you noticed that a lot of online essential oil advice comes from MLM distributors – in other words, people whose aim is to SELL you essential oils?

Unlike much of the advice online, the information you’ll read in How To Blend Essential Oils is impartial and not affiliated to any essential oil brand. Best of all, it’s written by a qualified aromatherapist with over 13 years’ experience — so you know it’s trustworthy advice.


Perfect for Beginners…
  • Clear and easy-to-understand advice on blending essential oils – even if you have NO previous experience
  • Impartial, honest advice you can trust – WITHOUT the sales talk!
  • Detailed blending information for 50 essential oils


What’s Inside?

How To Blend Essential Oils is packed with useful information about how to get started blending essential oils. Real, practical advice you can TRUST! Including:

♥  What are essential oils?

♥  Where do I start?

♥  How to buy essential oils

♥  How to store essential oils

♥  How can essential oils be used?

♥  What NOT to do with essential oils

♥  Essential oils and your family

♥  Babies and children – including a NEW list of child-safe essential oils

♥  Pregnancy – including a NEW list of pregnancy-safe essential oils

♥  Sensitive skin types

♥  Getting started with essential oils

♥  What is blending?

♥  Can I blend in advance?

♥  How to make a therapeutic blend

♥  Carrier oils

♥  Pre-diluted essential oils

♥  Factors to consider when blending essential oils

♥  Safe dilution ratios



You’ll also get my Index of Aromatherapy Information, including:

  • Essential oil suggestions for 50 common conditions, from acne to varicose veins
  • Detailed profiles for 50 essential oils: including note, botanical family, Latin name and uses
  • Specific safety precautions for 50 essential oils, so you can blend with confidence
  • Dilution Ratio Table: easily work out how many drop of essential oil to use!


What is blending?

One of the best things about aromatherapy is the ability to create unique, personalised blends to suit your individual needs and preferences.

Why purchase pre-mixed oil blends when you can have the satisfaction of blending your own aromatherapy oils from scratch? In How To Blend Essential Oils, you’ll learn the secrets of how to create beautiful blends that you can use on your face, your body and in your home.

Read about the different factors to consider when blending essential oils, and why it’s important to always follow the safety advice before using them. All the details have been carefully compiled from experience and study — so you know it’s information you can trust.


About The Author

The English AromatherapistThe English Aromatherapist was established to provide real, honest and simple advice about aromatherapy and essential oils – without the sales hype. I’m a fully qualified aromatherapist with over 13 years’ experience in the beauty and holistic therapy industry.




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 March 12th, 2017