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Essential Oil Summit

Beyond the Essential Oil Recipe Summit 2018

Registration is now OPEN!


Book your place on this fabulous FREE essential oil summit.


You will be BLOWN AWAY by the people who are taking part in this online event. Over 50 aromatherapists (including me!) have recorded talks, all of which are completely free to access.


Reserve your seat now! And I’ll see you there!


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Beyond the Essential Oil Recipe Summit




  • Felicity Warner
  • Annie Day
  • Marika Fleri
  • Anna Doxie and Danielle Daniel
  • Amy Kreydin
  • Kelly Holland Azzaro
  • David Crow
  • Sue Mousley
  • Madeleine Kerkhof
  • Kristina Bauer
  • Dr Eric Z
  • Caroline Ingraham
  • Robin B. Kessler
  • Ruth Nelson and Dedi Thorne
  • Lora Cantele
  • Kim Morrison
  • Melani Kovac
  • Deby Atterby
  • Dr Kelly Ablard
  • Natalie Miller
  • Sue Pace
  • Nyssa Sheppard-Hanger
  • Marge Clark
  • Lauren Bridges – The Aromapologist
  • Jane Lawson
  • Jade Shutes
  • Emily Carpenter
  • Sylla Sheppard-Hanger
  • Jen Hawkins
  • Penny Price
  • Michelle Roques-O’Neil
  • Rehne Kuik Burge
  • Dr Florian Birkmayer
  • Salvatore Battaglia
  • Robbi Zeck
  • Michelle Bardwell
  • Dr Bruce Berkowsky
  • Cathy Skipper
  • Dr Malte Hozzel
  • Amy Galper
  • Anita James
  • Dr Robert Pappas
  • Mark Webb
  • Timothy Miller
  • Martin Henglein
  • Jan Kusmirek
  • Tracy Carlin
  • Suzanne R. Banks
  • Shirley Routley
  • Lola King
  • Li Wong
  • Beverley Higham
  • Michael Scholes
  • Greg Trevena
  • Sandra Shuff
  • Marco Valussi
  • Filip Lissicharov

…and me, The English Aromatherapist!


Beyond the Essential Oil Summit - The English Aromatherapist


Book your free place now!



If the registration box is not displaying on your phone, try opening the link on a computer or a different phone. The organiser is currently experiencing a display issue with certain phones. Apologies for any inconvenience caused! Email me if you need help


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