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2016 Quiz of the Year

Christmas Quiz 2016 - Review of The Year

Well, 2016 has certainly been an eventful year, hasn’t it?


Just for fun, I’ve put together a 2016 Christmas Quiz — so crack open the Quality Street and get the family round the table…pens and paper at the ready!


And don’t worry – no knowledge of aromatherapy is required, so everyone can join in!




  1. Who said “Brexit means Brexit“?
  2. This year, a new £5 note was introduced. But in what year was the £2 coin first introduced in the UK?
  3. What percentage of people voted to leave the EU in the June referendum?
  4. Which country won the Euro 2016 football championship?
  5. Can you name 5 celebrities who died in 2016? (1 point for each)
  6. On what date was the EU referendum?
  7. Where were the 2016 Olympics held?
  8. Which country won the most medals in the 2016 Olympics?
  9. Which country came 2nd in the 2016 Olympics?
  10. The UK is a member of the EU but does not use the Euro. Can you name 4 other countries that are members of the EU but don’t use the Euro? (1 point for each)
  11. What was chosen as Word of the Year by Oxford Dictionaries?
  12. What was chosen as Word of the Year by Collins Dictionaries?
  13. Which cult TV show celebrated its 50th anniversary this year?
  14. How many wives has Donald Trump had?
  15. How long was Tim Peake in space on his mission to the International Space Station?
  16. In September, it was announced that the Great British Bake-Off would be leaving the BBC. Can you name all 4 presenters/judges of the show? (1 point for each)
  17. This year, the prequel movie in the Harry Potter series was released. What is the title?
  18. On what TV show did Honey G appear?
  19. Who won the London Mayoral election this year?
  20. What is the name of the new Top Gear show on Amazon?
  21. Who was crowned the winner of the Great British Bake Off this year?
  22. Which outsider football club won the Premier League in May at 5,000/1?
  23. Which app was downloaded over 500 million times between July and September?
  24. Who is ‘Chewbacca Mom’?
  25. What was the best-selling CD of 2016 in the USA?
  26. Which chocolate bar controversially changed its shape this year?
  27. What was the most Googled search in the UK in 2016?
  28. What was the name of the destructive hurricane that caused over $10billion of damage in Sept/Oct?
  29. What had an increase of 42% in applications following the Brexit result?
  30. What did people dress up as, in a craze that started in America and swept across the world?




  1. Theresa May
  2. 1998
  3. 52% (or 51.89% to be exact)
  4. Portugal
  5. Terry Wogan, David Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman, Robert Vaughn, Leonard Cohen, Pete Burns, Gene Wilder, Caroline Aherne, Mohammad Ali, Victoria Wood, David Gest, Ronnie Corbett, Paul Daniels, Andrew Sachs
  6. 23 June
  7. Rio, Brazil
  8. USA (121 medals)
  9. Great Britain (67 medals)
  10. Choose from Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Sweden
  11. Post-truth
  12. Brexit
  13. Star Trek
  14. He is currently on his 3rd
  15. 6 months
  16. Mel Giedroyc, Sue Perkins, Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry
  17. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  18. The X Factor
  19. Sadiq Khan
  20. The Grand Tour
  21. Candice Brown
  22. Leicester City
  23. Pokémon GO
  24. She is the star of a video that went viral and has been viewed 164 million times, making it the most watched Facebook Live video of all time
  25. Mozart: The Complete Edition Boxset (yes, really)
  26. Toblerone
  27. Euro 2016
  28. Hurricane Matthew
  29. People from Great Britain applying for Irish passports (compared to 2015)
  30. Killer clowns

Total score out of 40




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